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January 15, 2019

Do You Need a Copy Editor?

Take this quick quiz and find out:

Is "breath" a noun or a verb?

Does change "faze" or "phase" you?

Do you "pore" or "pour" over a document?

What's the difference between "aid" and "aide?"

If you're not sure, you may need a copy editor. If you know the answers but often find yourself quickly writing the wrong words or accepting AutoCorrect's versions, you may need a copy editor.

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July 16

Do You Need a Copyeditor? 

Take this quiz to find out:

What is the difference between "historic" and "historical?"

August 11

Do You Need a Copyeditor?

What's the difference between "convince" and "persuade?"

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August 12

Do You Need a Copyeditor?

Do you "give" or "gift" a present?

September 1

Do you feel "bad" or "badly" about something?

Answer: You might be surprised to learn you feel bad. I have a friend who experiences diminished sensation in her fingers. She literally feels badly. I feel bad about that.

September 5

Define "comprise."

Did you say, "to consist of?" If so, you're right. This quiz comprises questions and answers. 

September 6

As a verb, what does "quip" mean?

A quip is a witty remark. As a verb, it means to make such a statement. Often, it's seen as a synonym for "said." (Or maybe the Manuscript Magician doesn't get the joke.)

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